Hughie in Murnins: He Laments the Loss o’ his Frien’ Andro, pp.61-62.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Ergo Quinctilium perpetuus sopor 

Urget!” – CAR. I. 24. 

WHAT man or minister ‘ill dare 

Haud oot his haund, an’ cry Forbear! 

This wild, this waefu’ sorrow spare; 

It’s Nature’s debt? 

But I will baund an’ weepers wear 

For Andro yet! 


O for the wail o’ Autumn wun’s, 

An’ trees, an’ seas, an’ settin’ suns, 

An’ melancholy muirlan’ whuns, 

An’ hillside sadness! 

O for the greetin’ voice that runs 

Thro’ Nature’s gladness! 


So Andro’s gane! the last lang sleep 

Has fa’en upon him, an’ he’s deep! 

An’ noo he doesna hear a cheep 

O’ a’ we’re talkin’; 

An’ we in vain a watch wad keep 

For him to wauken. 


It’s no’ the stroke, tho’ fell an’ grim, 

The bosom cauld, the moveless limb, 

That melt an’ mak oor een sae dim, 

Oor hert sae sair – 

But oh! what virtues sleep wi’ him 

That’s lyin’ there! 


He was sae modest an’ sae true – 

Truth was engraven on his broo! 

Strict wi’ himsel’, an’ slack wi’ you, 

An’ even-mindit – 

His peer, search a’ the warl’ thro’, 

Ye wadna find it! 


An’ noo he’s gane! he’s crost the mark 

Atween us an’ that ocean dark, 

Whauron some day oor ain frail bark 

Maun sink or sail; 

But here nae mair we’ll hear or hark 

His kindly hail.

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