Hughie Offers his Consolation to his Sister Meenie, Wha’s Heart is wi’ Donal’ in Lochiel, pp.74-75.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Miserarum est neque amori ludum neque dilci 

Mala vino lavere, ant exanimari metuentes 

Patruæ verbera linguæ.” – CAR. III., 12. 

‘OD, Meenie, but I’m vext for ye! 

A lad could better thole, ye see, 

The pangs o’ love unspoken, 

For he could speak, an’ he could pree 

A gless hooe’er hert broken! 


But you, puir wumman” need to bide 

Tongue-tied aboot the ingleside, 

Baith dowff an’ dowie, hearin’ 

Girnin’ auld Nance, as gleg as gley’d, 

Your ailment sweetly speirin’! 


‘Deed, Donal’ is a stately chiel’! 

There’s no’ a keeper in Lochiel 

Sae brisk-like or sae daurin’; 

Gin ye should wale a lad, atweel 

Ye micht hae waled a waur ane! 


The loch he’ll soum to conquer there 

The stag that stands in fierce despair 

‘Mang seggs sae eerie soughin’! 

He’ll rouse the wild cat fra her lair 

To mak’ o’ her a spleuchan! 


In fack he is a wiselike lad: 

But mony as gude are to be had; 

An’ ye maun mind, my dawtie, 

Tho’ Nance is an ill-natured jaud, 

Ye’ve been a wee thing fauty. 


When dreigh an’ dreary doun ye sit, 

Up wi’ your wires, an’ knit, an’ knit, – 

Ye’d wonder, withoot jokin,’ 

Hoo muckle ravell’d care ye’ll pit 

Awa’ into a stockin’! 

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