Obittes this Zeire (1640), pp.426-429.

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Obitts, this zeire, of eminent personages, wer, first, in the mounthe of Januarij, this zeire, 1640, James, Earle of Buchan, Lord Aughterhousse, eldest sone to Ihone, Earle of Mar, Lord Theasurer of Scotland, by his second wyffe, Ladey Marey Stewart, 2d sister to Lodouick, Ducke of Richmond and Lennox. He departed this lyffe at London; his corpes wer enbalmed and brought home by sea, and interred priuatly in Aughterhousse churche, amongest his antcesters of that family. 

In Februarij, this zeire, also, deyed William, Earle of Streueling, Viscount Canada, Lord Alexander, Principall Secretarey for Scotland to King Charles the First, at London. Hes bodey wes enbalmed, and by sea transported to Streweling, and ther priuatly interrid by night in Bowies Iyle, in Strewelinge churche, the 12 of Apryle, 1640. 

The 8 of Marche, this zeire, 1640, deyed William Douglas, first Earle of Queeinsburrey, Viscount Drumlanrick; and wes interrid without aney funerall ceremoney amongest his antcesters. 

The second of Maij, this same zeire, deyed Ladey Anna Erskyne, Countess of Rothes, 2d daughter to Iohne Erskyne, 2d Earle of Mar, Lord Theasurer of Scotland, and Knight of the Garter. Shoe lefte issew tuo daughters and one sone, Iohne, now Earle of Rothes, Lord Lesley. Shoe deyed of a hecticke fewer; and her corpes wer interrid in the new iyle of Lesley churche, the 25 day of this mounthe of Maij, without aney funerall ceremoney. 

The 17 of Aguste, this zeire, 1640, deyed Ladey Ieane Gray, Countesse of Weemys, eldest daughter to Patrick, Lord Gray of Fowilles, wyffe to lohne, first Earle of Weeymes, Lord Elcho, at Easter Weeymes; and wes interrid in the buriall place of that family, in the church ther, without aney funerall ceremoney, the 25 day of this same mounthe. 

In September, this same zeire, 1640, at London deyed Iohne Muray, first Earle of Annandaill, Viscount Anan, Lord Muray of Lochemaben, of the stone; and to him succidit his onlie sone, lames, now Earle of Anandaill, &c. His corpes wer inbalmed and brought to Scotland in cotche by ,and interrid amongest his antcesters, at Hoddam churche, in Anandaill, without aney funerall ceremoney, 13 of October, this same zeire. 

The 19 of the mounthe of Nouember, this zeire, 1640, deyed Iohne Boyde, Lord Boyde, aboute the 24 zeire of his age, of a burning feuer, and wes interid amongest his antcesters. He maried Ladey Marey Fleminge, 2d daughter to Iohne, Earle of Wigtone, Lord Fleming, &c. and by her lefte no issew to succeid him; bot his estait fell to a cousin german of his fathers, who liued married in England. 

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