Prehistoric Remains, pp.3-16.

[Scottish National Memorials Contents]

N the Archeological Collection formed in connection with the Glasgow Exhibition, the space devoted to the prehistoric and early remains of the country was very restricted. It did not enter into the scheme of the promoters, even had there been time available, to form a full or exhaustive series of prehistoric objects, which would have appealed to only a limited number of visitors to a popular exhibition. At the same time, it was thought desirable that types at least of the implements, weapons, and other remains of prehistoric periods, should be included in the collection, so as to complete, so far as practicable, the chain of human life and experience in Scotland. Such a collection only as would illustrate the successive epochs of prehistoric times was aimed at, and the objects shown have been brought together, not because they are rare and unusual, but because they are comparatively common and typical. The prehistoric collection in short war formed, not for the archeological specialist, but only to complete the record for the general observer. The consequence is that in this section there was little shown which claims special notice as throwing new light on the life and habits of the early dwellers in these regions. Those objects only which were found in the western districts of Scotland are noticed and described in what follows. 

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