Aberdeen, p.307.

[Scottish National Memorials Contents]

   SILVER CUP, 9 inches high, with a fluted stalk and an engraved bowl. This was presented to the Marischal College, Aberdeen, by Lord Strathnaver, and has engraved on the rim the inscription: D. Georgius Gordonius Strathnauerinæ Dominus, hoc poculum in educationis et amoris tesseram Collegio Marescallano donavit Anno 1653. It bears the Aberdeen Hall-mark and was made by Walter Melvil, a goldsmith in Aberdeen, and deacon of the Hammermen in 1662. His mark is also to be found on the mace in King’s College in the same University. [A. J. S. B.] 

(987) Lent by the UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN. 

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