Burns at Roslin, p.70.

[Anecdotes of Burns Contents]

NASMYTH once dined with Burns; and both having exceeded the bounds of moderation, they agreed not to go to bed, but to make an expedition to the Pentland Hills.

After an all-night ramble, they breakfasted at Roslin. Their hostess, Mrs. David Wilson, supplied the breakfast in the Scotch style. Burns, in gratitude to her, scrawled on the reverse side of a wooden platter the verses –

“My blessings on you, honest wife, 

I ne’er was here before, 

You’ve walth o’ gear for spoon and knife; 

Heart could not wish for more. 


Heaven keep you clear of sturt and strife, 

Till far ayont four-score; 

And by the Lord o’ death and life, 

I’ll ne’er gae by your door.” 

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