“A Slice of his Constitution,” p.100.

[Anecdotes of Burns Contents]

ROBERT BLOOMFIELD, in writing to the Earl of Buchan regarding Burns and himself, says – in reference to the fate of that extraordinary man [Burns]. “Remember Burns” has been the watchword of my friends. I do remember Burns; but I am not Burns; neither have I his fire to fan or to quench; nor his passions to control! Where then is my merit if I make a peaceful voyage on a smooth sea, and with no mutiny on board? To a lady (I have it from herself), who remonstrated with him on his danger from drink, and the pursuits of some of his associates, he replied – 

“Madam, they would not thank me for my company if I did not drink with them; I must give them a slice of my constitution.” 

How much to be regretted that he did not give them thinner slices of his constitution, that it might have lasted longer! 

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