Kindly Consideration, p.93.

[Anecdotes of Burns Contents]

ALLAN CUNNINGHAM tells us that one day the poet and a brother officer entered the shop of a widow woman in Dunscore, and made a seizure of smuggled tobacco. 

“Jenny,” said the bard, “I expected that this would be the upshot.” 

“Here, Lewars, take note of the number of rolls as I count them. 

Now, Jock, did ye ever hear an auld wife numbering her threads before check-reels were invented? Thou’s ane, and thou’s no ane, and thou’s ane an’ out. Listen.” 

as he handed out the rolls he went on with the humorous reckoning, all the while dropping every other roll into Janet’s lap. Lewars made the desired memorandum with commendable gravity, seeing, as if he did not see, the considerate conduct of his colleague. 

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