“Lassie wi’ the Lint White Locks,” pp.110-111.

[Anecdotes of Burns Contents]

THE young lady who was the subject of the “Lassie wi’ the Lint White Locks,” and to whom he says, in a letter to Mr. Thompson, we are indebted for some of his best songs, was a Miss J—— L——. She was then young and beautiful, and possessed of all the gaiety and vivacity which commonly accompany such charms. Although she had many wooers, yet none were fortunate enough to win her affections, or awaken a kindred passion within her bosom. At length a military officer paid his addresses to the lovely “Chloris,” and “was a thriving wooer.” With him she eloped and was married. A female relative of Burns, who resided with him at Ellisland, had frequent opportunities of seeing Miss L. at Burns’s house. That person now resides in Mauchline, and was lately much surprised to discover in the person of an old woman whom she invited to a night’s lodging, the identical “Lassie wi’ the Lint White Locks.” 

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