Bonny Christy, pp.1-2.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

OW sweetly smells the simmer green! 

Sweet taste the peach and cherry; 

Painting and order please our een, 

And claret makes us merry: 

But finest colours, fruits and flowers, 

And wine, tho’ I be thirsty, 

Lose a’ their charms and weaker powers, 

Compar’d with those of Christy


When wand’ring o’er the flowry park, 

No nat’ral beauty wanting, 

How lightsome is’t to hear the Lark, 

And birds in consort chanting? 

But if my Christy tunes her voice, 

I’m rapt in admiration; 

My thoughts with extasies rejoice, 

And drap the hale creation. 


Whene’er she smiles a kindly glance, 

I take the happy omen, 

And aften mint to make advance, 

Hoping she’ll prove a woman; 

But, dubious of my ain desert, 

My sentiments I smother; 

With secret sighs I vex my heart, 

For fear she love another. 


Thus sang blate Edie by a burn, 

His Christy did o’er-hear him; 

She doughtna let her lover mourn, 

But e’er he wist drew near him. 

She spake her favour with a look, 

Which left nae room to doubt her; 

He wisely this white minute took, 

And flang his arms about her. 


My Christy! – witness, bonny stream, 

Sic joys frae tears arising, 

I wish this may na be a dream; 

O love the maist surprising! 

Time was too precious now for tauk; 

This point of a’ his wishes 

He wadna with set speeches bauk, 

But war’d it a’ on kisses.

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