Song, pp.5-6.

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To the Tune of, Woe’s my Heart that we should sunder


IS Hamilla then my own? 

O! the dear, the charming treasure; 

Fortune now in vain shall frown; 

All my future life is pleasure. 


See how rich with youthful grace, 

Beauty warms her ev’ry feature; 

Smiling heaven is in her face, 

All is gay, and all is nature. 


See what mingling charms arise, 

Rosy smiles, and kindling blushes; 

Love fits laughing in her eyes, 

And betrays her secret wishes. 


Haste then from th’ Idalian grove, 

Infant smiles, and sports, and graces; 

Spread the downy couch for love, 

And lull us in your sweet embraces. 


Softest raptures, pure from noise, 

This fair happy night surround us; 

While a thousand sp’ritly joys 

Silent flutter all around us. 


Thus unsowr’d with care or strife, 

Heaven still guard this dearest blessing! 

While we tread the path of life, 

Loving still, and still possessing. 

New Words by Different Hands 

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