To Delia on her drawing him to her Valentine, p.11.

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To the Tune of, Black Ey’d Susan


YE Powers! was Damon then so blest, 

To fall to charming Delia’s share; 

Delia, the beauteous maid, possest 

Of all that’s soft, and all that’s fair? 

Here cease thy bounty, O indulgent Heav’n, 

I ask no more, for all my wish is given. 


I came, and Delia smiling show’d, 

She smil’d, and show’d the happy name; 

With rising joy my heart o’erflow’d, 

I felt and blest the new born flame. 

May softest pleasures ceaseless round her move, 

May all her nights be joy, and days be love. 


She drew the Treasure from her breast, 

That breast where love and graces play, 

O name beyond expression blest! 

Thus lodg’d with all that’s fair and gay. 

To be so lodg’d! the thought is extasy, 

Who would not wish in Paradise to ly? 

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