Nany-O, pp.46-47.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

WHile some for pleasure pawn their health, 

‘Twixt Lais and the Bagnio

I’ll save myself, and without stealth, 

Kiss and caress my Nanny-O

She bids more fair t’engage a Jove 

Than Leda did for Danae-O: 

Were I to paint the Queen of Love, 

None else should sit but Nanny-O


How joyfully my spirits rise, 

When dancing she moves finely-O, 

I guess what heaven is by her eyes, 

Which sparkle so divinely – O. 

Attend my vow, ye Gods, while I 

Breath in the blest Britannia

None’s happiness I shall envy, 

As long’s ye grant me Nanny-O




My bony, bony Nanny-O. 

My lovely charming Nanny-O, 

I care not tho’ the world know 

How dearly I love Nanny-O. 

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