Song, p.50.

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To the Tune of, Gilder Roy


AH! Cloris, cou’d I now but sit; 

As unconcern’d, as when 

Your infant beauty cou’d beget 

No Happiness nor pain. 

When I this dawning did admire, 

And prais’d the coming day, 

I little thought that rising fire, 

Wou’d take my reft away. 


Your charms in harmless childhood lay, 

As metals in a mine 

Age from no face takes more away, 

Than youth conceal’d in thine; 

But as your Charms insensibly 

To their perfection prest; 

So love as unperceiv’d did fly, 

And center’d in my breast. 


My passion with your beauty grew, 

While Cupid at my heart, 

Till as his mother favour’d you, 

Threw a new flaming dart. 

Each gloried in their wanton part; 

To make a lover, he 

Employ’d the utmoft of his art;- 

To make a beauty, she. 

Authors Unknown

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