The fair Penitent, pp.41-42.

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A SONG, – To its own Tune


A Lovely lass to a friar came 

To confess in a morning early. 

In what, my dear, are you to blame? 

Come own it all sincerely

I’ve done, sir, what I dare not name, 

With a lad who loves me dearly. 


The greatest fault in myself I know, 

Is what I now discover. 

Then you to Rome for that must go

There discipline to suffer

Lake a day, sir! if it must be so, 

Pray with me send my lover. 


No, no, my dear, you do but dream

We‘ll have no double dealing; 

But if with me you’ll repete the same

I’ll pardon your past failing

I must own, sir, tho’ I blush for shame, 

That your penance is prevailing. 

Authors Unknown

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