Polwart on the Green, pp.70-71.

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AT Polwart on the green 

If you’ll meet me the morn

Where lasses do convene 

To dance about the thorn. 

A kindly welcome you shall meet 

Frae her wha likes to view 

A lover and a lad compleat, 

The lad and lover you. 


Let dorty dames say na

As lang as e’er they please, 

Seem caulder than the sna’, 

While inwardly they bleez; 

But I will frankly shaw my mind, 

And yield my heart to thee; 

Be ever to the captive kind, 

That langs na to be free. 


At Polwart on the green, 

Amang the new mawn hay, 

With sangs and dancing keen 

We’ll pass the heartsome day. 

At night, if beds be o’er thrang laid

And thou be twin’d of thine

Thou shalt be welcome my dear lad

To take a part of mine

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