Up in the Air, pp.79-80.

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NOW the sun’s gang out o’ sight, 

Beet the ingle, and snuff the light: 

In glens the fairies skip and dance, 

And witches wallop o’er to France

Up in the air 

On my bonny grey mare, 

And I see her yet, and I see her yet. 

Up in, &c. 


The wind’s drifting hail and sna’, 

O’er frozen hags, like a foot ha’; 

Nae starns keek through the azure slit, 

‘Tis cauld, and mirk as ony pit. 

The man i’ the moon 

Is carousing aboon; 

D’ ye see, d’ ye see, d’ ye see him yet? 

The man, &c. 


Take your glass to clear your een, 

‘Tis the elixir heals the spleen, 

Baith wit and mirth it will inspire, 

And gently puffs the lovers fire. 

Up in the air, 

It drives away care; 

Ha’e wi’ ye, ha’e wi’ ye, and ha’e wi’ ye, Lads, yet. 

Up in, &c. 


Steek the doors, keep out the frost; 

Come, Willie, gi’s about ye’r toft, 

Til’t, lads, and lilt it out, 

And let us ha’e a blythsome bout. 

Up wi’t there, there, 

Dinna cheat, but drink fair: 

Huzza, huzza, and huzza, lads, yet. 

Up wi’t, &c. 

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