The Highland Laddie, pp.91-93.

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THE lawland lads think they are fine; 

But O they’re vain and idly gawdy! 

How much unlike that gracefu’ mein, 

And manly looks of my highland laddie? 


O my bonny bonny highland laddie

My handsome charming highland laddie; 

May heaven still guard, and love reward 

Our lawland lass and her highland laddie


If I were free at will to chuse 

To be the wealthiest lawland lady, 

I’d take young Donald without trews, 

With bonnet blew, and belted plaidy. 

O my bonny, &c. 


The brawest beau in borrows-town, 

In a’ his airs, with art made ready, 

Compair’d to him, he’s but a clown; 

He’s finer far in’s tartan plaidy. 

O my bonny, &c. 


O’er benty hill with him I’ll run, 

And leave my lawland kin and dady. 

Frae winter’s cauld, and summer’s sun, 

He’ll screen me with his highland plaidy. 

O my bonny, &c. 


A painted room, and silken bed, 

May please a lawland laird and lady; 

But I can kiss, and be as glad 

Behind a bush in’s highland plaidy. 

O my bonny, &c. 


Few compliments between us pass, 

I ca’ him my dear highland laddie, 

And he ca’s me his lawland lass, 

Syne rows me in beneath his plaidy. 

O my bonny, &c. 


Nae greater joy I’ll e’er pretend, 

Than that his love prove true and steady, 

Like mine to him, which ne’er shall end, 

While heaven preserves my highland laddie. 

O my bonny, &c. 

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