The Mill, Mill – O, pp.82-83.

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BEneath a green shade I fand a fair maid, 

Was sleeping sound and still – O; 

A’ lowan wi’ love, my fancy did rove 

Around her with good will – O: 

Her bosom I prest; but, sunk in her rest, 

She stirdna my Joy to spill – O: 

While kindly she slept, close to her I crept, 

And kiss’d and kiss’d her my fill – O. 


Oblig’d by command in Flanders to land, 

T’employ my courage and skill – O, 

Frae’er quietly I staw, hoist sails and awa, 

For wind blew fair on the bill – O. 

Twa years brought me hame, where loud fraising fame 

Tald me with a voice right shill – O, 

My lass, like a fool, had mounted the stool, 

Nor kend wha had done her the ill – O. 


Mair fond of her charms, with my son in her arms, 

I ferlying speer’d how she fell – O. 

Wi’ the tear in her eye, quoth she, let me die, 

Sweet sir, gin I can tell – O. 

Love gave the command, I took her by the hand, 

And bad her a’ fears expell – O, 

And nae mair look wan, for I was the man 

Wha had done her the deed my sell – O. 


My bonny sweet lass on the gowany grass, 

Beneath the shilling-hill – O, 

If I did offence, I’se make ye amends 

Before I leave Peggy’s mill – O. 

O the mill, mill – O, and the kill, kill – O, 

And the cogging of the wheel – O; 

The sack and the sieve, a’ that ye maun leave, 

And round with a sodger reel – O. 

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