The Collier’s bonny Lassie, pp.94-95.

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THE collier has a daughter, 

And O she’s wonder bonny, 

A laird he was that sought her, 

Rich baith in lands and money; 

The tutors watch’d the motion 

Of this young honest lover; 

But love is like the ocean; 

Wha can its depth discover! 


He had the art to please ye, 

And was by a’ respected; 

His airs sat round him easy, 

Genteel, but unaffected. 

The collier’s bonny lassie, 

Fair as the new blown lillie, 

Ay sweet, and never saucy, 

Secur’d the heart of Willy


He lov’d beyond expression 

The charms that were about her, 

And panted for possession, 

His life was dull without her. 

After mature resolving, 

Close to his breast he held her, 

In fastest flames dissolving, 

He tenderly thus tell’d her, 


My bonny collier’s daughter, 

Let nathing discompose ye, 

‘Tis no your scanty tocher 

Shall ever gar me lose ye: 

For I have gear in plenty, 

And love says, ‘tis my duty 

To ware what heaven has lent me, 

Upon your wit and beauty. 

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