My Dady forbad, my Minny forbad, pp.101-102.

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WHen I think on my lad, 

I sigh and am sad, 

For now he is far frae me. 

My dady was harsh, 

My minny was warse, 

That gart him gae yont the sea, 

Without an estate, 

That made him look blate; 

And yet a brave lad is he. 

Gin safe he come hame, 

In spite of my dame, 

He’ll ever be welcome to me. 


Love speers nae advice 

Of parents o’er wise, 

That have but ae bairn like me, 

That looks upon cash, 

As naithing but trash, 

That shackles what shou’d be free. 

And tho’ my dear lad 

Not ae penny had, 

Since qualities better has he; 

Abiet I’m an heiress, 

I think it but fair is, 

To love him, since he loves me. 


Then my dear Jamie

To thy kind Jeanie

Haste, haste thee in o’er the sea, 

To her wha can find 

Nae ease in her mind, 

Without a blyth sight of thee. 

Tho’ my dady forbad, 

And my minny forbad, 

Forbidden I will not be; 

For since thou alone 

My favour hast won, 

Nane else shall e’er get it for me. 


Yet them I’ll not grieve, 

Or without their leave, 

Gi’e my hand as a wife to thee: 

Be content with a heart, 

That can never desert, 

Till they cease to oppose or be. 

My parents may prove 

Yet friends to our love, 

When our firm resolves they see; 

Then I with pleasure 

Will yield up my treasure, 

And a’ that love orders to thee. 

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