The auld Wife beyont the Fire, pp.108-110.

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THere was a wife won’d in a glen, 

And she had daughters nine or ten, 

That sought the house baith but and ben, 

To find their mam a snishing. 

The auld wife beyont the fire

The auld wife aniest the fire

The auld wife aboon the fire

She died for lack of snishing



Her mill into some hole had fawn, 

Whatrecks, quoth she, let it be gawn, 

For I maun ha’e a young goodman 

Shall furnish me with snishing. 

The auld wife, &c. 



Her eldest dochter said right bauld, 

Fy, mother, mind that now ye’re auld, 

And if ye with a yonker wald, 

He’ll waste away your snishing. 

The auld wife, &c. 



The youngest dochter ga’e a shout, 

O mother dear! your teeth’s a’ out, 

Besides haff blind, you have the gout, 

Your mill can had nae snishing. 

The auld wife, &c. 



Ye lied, ye limmers, cries auld mump, 

For I ha’e baith a tooth and stump, 

And will nae langer live in dump, 

By wanting of my snishing. 

The auld wife, &c. 



Thole ye, says Peg, that pauky slut, 

Mother, if you can crack a nut, 

Then we will a’ consent to it, 

That you shall have a snishing. 

The auld wife, &c. 



The auld ane did agree to that, 

And they a pistol bullet gat; 

She powerfully began to crack, 

To won hersell a snishing. 

The auld wife, &c. 



Braw sport it was to see her chow’t, 

And ‘tween her gums sae squeez and row’t, 

Whilefrae her jaws the slaver flow’d; 

And ay she curs’d poor stumpy. 

The auld wife, &c. 



At last she ga’e a desperate squeez, 

Which brak the lang tooth by the neez, 

And syne poor stumpy was at ease, 

But she tint hopes of snishing. 

The auld wife, &c. 



She of the task began to tire, 

And frae her dochters did retire, 

Syne lean d her down ayont the fire, 

And died for lack of snishing. 

The auld wife, &c. 



Ye auld wives notice well this truth, 

Assoon as ye’re past mark of mouth, 

Ne’er do what’s only fit for youth, 

And leave aff thoughts of snishing: 

Else like this wife beyont the fire

Y’r bairns against you will conspire; 

Nor will ye get, unless ye hire 

A young man with your snishing

Old Songs with Additions

Note, Snishing in its literal meaning is snuff made of Tobacco; but in this song it means sometimes contentment, a husband, love, money, &c. 

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