Song, pp.133-134.

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She raise and loot me in


THE night her silent sable wore, 

And gloomy were the skies; 

Of glitt’ring stars appear’d no more 

Than those in Nelly’s eyes. 

When at her father’s yate I knock’d, 

Where I had often been, 

She shrowded only with her smock 

Arose and loot me in. 


Fast lock’d within her close embrace, 

She trembling stood asham’d; 

Her swelling breast and glowing face, 

And ev’ry touch enflam’d. 

My eager passion I obey’d, 

Resolv’d the fort to win; 

And her fond heart was soon betray’d 

To yield and let me in. 


Then then, beyond expressing, 

Transporting was the joy; 

I knew no greater blessing, 

So blest a man was I. 

And she, all ravisht with delight, 

Bid me oft come again; 

And kindly vow’d that ev’ry night 

She’d rise and let me in. 


But ah! at last she prov’d with bairn, 

And sighing sat and dull, 

And I that was as much concern’d, 

Look’d e’en just like a fool. 

Her lovely eyes with tears ran o’er, 

Repenting her rash sin: 

She sigh’d, and curs’d the fatal hour, 

That e’er she loot me in. 


But who cou’d cruelly deceive, 

Or from such beauty part: 

I lov’d her so, I could not leave 

The charmer of my heart; 

But wedded, and conceal’d our crime: 

Thus all was well again, 

And now she thanks the happy time 

That e’er she loot me in. 

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