Vertue and Wit, pp.127-128.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

To the Tune of, Gillikranky



COnfess thy love, fair blushing maid, 

For since thine eye’s consenting, 

Thy safter thoughts are a betray’d, 

And nasays no worth tenting. 

Why aims thou to oppose thy mind, 

With words thy with denying; 

Since nature made thee to be kind, 

Reason allows complying. 


Nature and reason’s joint consent 

Make love a sacred blessing, 

Then happily that time is spent, 

That’s war’d on kind caressing. 

Come then my Katie to my arms, 

I’ll be nae mair a rover; 

But find out heaven in a’ thy charms, 

And prove a faithful lover. 



What you design by nature’s law, 

Is fleeting inclination, 

That WillyWisp bewilds us a’ 

By its infatuation. 

When that goes out, caresses tire, 

And love’s nae mair in season, 

Syne weakly we blaw up the fire, 

With all our boasted reason. 



The beauties of inferior cast 

May start this just reflection; 

But charms like thine maun always last, 

Where wit has the protection. 

Virtue and wit, like April rays, 

Make beauty rise the sweeter; 

The langer then on thee I gaze, 

My love will grow completer. 

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