Cromlet’s Lilt, pp.145-147.

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SInce all thy vows, false maid, 

Are blown to air, 

And my poor heart betray’d 

To sad despair, 

Into some wilderness, 

My grief I will express, 

And thy hard heartedness, 

O cruel fair. 


Have I not graven our loves 

On every tree: 

In yonder spreading groves, 

Tho’ false thou be: 

Was not a solemn oath 

Plighted betwixt us both, 

Thou thy faith, I my troth, 

Constant to be. 


Some gloomy place I’ll find, 

Some doleful shade, 

Where neither sun nor wind 

E’er entrance had: 

Into that hollow cave, 

There will I sigh and rave, 

Because thou do’st behave 

So faithlesly. 


Wild fruit shall be my meat, 

I’ll drink the spring, 

Cold earth shall be my seat: 

For covering I’ll have the starry sky 

My head to canopy, 

Until my soul on hy 

Shall spread its wing. 


I’ll have no funeral fire, 

Nor tears for me: 

No grave do I desire, 

Nor obsequies: 

The courteous red-breast he 

With leaves will cover me, 

And sing my elegy, 

With doleful voice. 


And when a ghost I am, 

I’ll visit thee: 

O thou deceitful dame, 

Whose cruelty 

Has kill’d the kindest heart 

Thar e’er felt Cupid’s dart, 

And never can desert 

From loving thee. 

Authors Unknown

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