Sleepy body, drowsy Body, p.141.

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Quaso repente

Vigila, vive, me tange

Somnolente, quaso, &c. 


Cum me ambiebas

Videri volebas

Amoris negotiis aptus; 

Sed factus maritus

Es semisopitus

Et semper à somnio captus


O sleepy body, 

And drowsy body, 

O wiltuna waken and turn thee: 

To drivel and drant, 

While I sigh and gaunt, 

Gives me good reason to scorn thee. 


When thou shouldst be kind, 

Thou turns sleepy and blind, 

And snoters and snores far frae me. 

Wae light on thy face, 

Thy drowsy embrace 

Is enough to gar me betray thee. 

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