Song, pp.147-148.

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We’ll a’ to Kelso go


AN I’ll awa to bony Tweed side, 

And see my deary come throw, 

And he sall be mine 

Gif sae he incline, 

For I hate to lead apes below. 


While young and fair, 

I’ll make it my care, 

To secure my sell in a jo; 

I’m no sic a fool 

To let my blood cool, 

And syne gae lead apes below. 


Few words, bony lad, 

Will eithly perswade, 

Tho’ blushing, I daftly say no, 

Gae on with your strain, 

And doubt not to gain, 

For I hate to lead apes below. 


Unty’d to a man, 

Do what e’er we can, 

We never can thrive or dow: 

Then I will do well, 

Do better wha will, 

And let them lead apes below. 


Our time is precious, 

And Gods are gracious 

That beauties upon us bestow; 

‘Tis not to be thought, 

We got them for nought, 

Or to be set up for show. 


‘Tis carried by votes, 

Come kilt up ye’r coats, 

And let us to Edinburgh go, 

Where she that’s bony 

May catch a Johny

And never lead apes below. 

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