Sweet Susan, pp.154-155.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

To the Tune of, Leader-haughs. 



THE morn was fair, saft was the air, 

All nature’s sweets were springing; 

The buds did bow with silver dew, 

Ten thousand birds were singing: 

When on the bent, with blyth content, 

Young Jamie sang his marrow, 

Nae bonnier lass e’er tread the grass 

On Leader-haughs and Yarrow



How sweet her face, where every grace 

In heavenly beauty’s planted; 

Her smiling een, and comely mein 

That nae perfection wanted. 

I’ll never fret, nor ban my fate, 

But bless my bonny marrow: 

If her dear smile my doubts beguile, 

My mind shall ken nae sorrow. 



Yet tho’ she’s fair, and has full share 

Of every charm inchanting, 

Each good turns ill, and soon will kill 

Poor me, if love be wanting. 

O bonny lass! have but the grace 

To think, e’er ye gae furder, 

Your joys maun flit, if ye commit 

The crying sin of murder. 



My wandring ghaist will ne’er get rest, 

And night and day affright ye; 

But if you’re kind, with joyful mind 

I’ll study to delight ye. 

Our years around with love thus crown’d, 

From all thing joys shall borrow; 

Thus none shall be more blest than we 

On Leader-haughs and Yarrow



O sweetest SUE! ‘tis only you 

Can make life worth my wishes, 

If equal love your mind can move 

To grant this best of blesses. 

Thou art my sun, and thy least frown 

Would blast me in the blossom: 

But if thou shine, and make me thine, 

I’ll flourish in thy bosom. 

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