Sandy and Betty, p.157.

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SAndy in Edinburgh was born, 

As blyth a lad as e’er gade thence: 

Betty did Stafford-shire adorn 

With all that’s lovely to the sense. 


Had Sandy still remain’d at hame 

He had not blinkt on Betty’s smile; 

For why he caught the gentle flame 

On this side Tweed full many a mile. 


She like the fragrant violet 

Still flourish’d in her native mead: 

He like the stream improving yet 

The further from his fountain-head. 


The stream must now no further stray; 

A fountain fixt by Venus’ power 

In his clear bosom, to display 

The beauties of his bord’ring flower. 


When gracious Anna did unite 

Two jarring nations into one, 

She bade them mutually unite, 

And make each other’s good their own. 


Henceforth let each returning year 

The rose and thistle bear one stem: 

The thistle be the rose’s spear, 

The rose the thistle’s diadem. 


The queen of Britain’s high decree 

The queen of love is bound to keep; 

Anna the sovereign of the sea, 

Venus the daughter of the deep. 

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