Her Answer, pp.165-167.

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O Had away, had away, 

Had away frae me, Donald; 

Your heart is made o’er large for ane, 

It is not meet for me, Donald: 

Some fickle mistris you may find 

Will jilt as fast as thee, Donald; 

To ilka swain she will prove kind, 

And nae less kind to thee, Donald


But I’ve a heart that’s naething such, 

‘Tis fill’d with honesty, Donald; 

I’ll ne’er love mony, I’ll love much, 

I hate all levity, Donald

Therefore nae mair, with art, pretend 

Your heart is chain’d to mine, Donald; 

For words of falshood I’ll defend, 

A roving love like thine, Donald


First when you courted, I must own 

I frankly favour’d you, Donald; 

Apparent worth and fair renown, 

Made me believe you true, Donald

Ilk virtue then seem’d to adorn 

The man esteem’d by me, Donald; 

But now, the mask fallen aff, I scorn 

To ware a thought on thee, Donald


And now, for ever, had away, 

Had away from me, Donald; 

Gae seek a heart that’s like your ain, 

And come nae mair to me, Donald: 

For I’ll reserve my sell for ane, 

For ane that’s liker me, Donald; 

If sic a ane I canna find, 

I’ll ne’er loo man, nor thee, Donald



Then I’m thy man, and false report 

Has only tald a lie, Jenny; 

To try thy truth, and make us sport, 

The tale was rais’d by me, Jenny



When this ye prove, and still can love, 

Then come away to me, Donald; 

I’m well content, ne’er to repent 

That I have smil’d on thee, Donald

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