The Auld Man’s Best Argument, p.168.

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To the Tune of, Widow are ye wawkin? 


O Wha’s that at my chamber-door? 

“Fair widow are ye wawking?” 

Auld carle, your suite give o’er, 

Your love lyes a’ in tawking. 

Gi’e me the lad that’s young and tight, 

Sweet like an April meadow; 

‘Tis sic as he can bless the sight, 

And bosom of a widow. 


“O widow, wilt thou let me in, 

“I’m pawky, wise and thrifty, 

“And come of a right gentle kin; 

“I’m little mair than fifty.” 

Daft carle dit your mouth, 

What signifies how pawky, 

Or gentle born ye be, – bot youth, 

In love you’re but a gawky. 


“Then, widow, let these guineas speak, 

“That powerfully plead clinkan, 

“And if they fail my mouth I’ll steek, 

“And nae mair love will think on.” 

These court indeed, I maun confess, 

I think they make you young, sir, 

And ten times better can express 

Affection, than your tongue, sir. 

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