A Pastoral Song, pp.175-177.

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To the Tune of, My Apron, Deary



WHile our flocks are a feeding, 

And we’re void of care, 

Come, Sandy, let’s tune, 

To praise of the fair: 

For inspir’d by my Susie

I’ll sing in such lays, 

That Pan, where he judge, 

Must allow me the bays. 



While under this hawthorn 

We ly at our ease, 

By a musical stream, 

And refresh’d by the breeze 

Of a zephyr so gentle, 

Yes, Jamie, I’ll try 

For to match you and Susie

Dear Katie and I. 



Oh! my Susie so lovely, 

She’s without compare, 

She’s so comely, so good, 

And so charmingly fair: 

Sure, the Gods were at pains, 

To make so compleat 

A nymph, that for love 

There was ne’er one so meet. 



Oh! my Katie so bright, 

She’s so witty and gay; 

Love, join’d with the graces, 

Around her looks play. 

In her mein she’s so graceful, 

In her humour so free: 

Sure the Gods never fram’d 

A maid fairer than she. 



Had my Susie been there, 

When the shepherd declar’d 

For the lady of Lemnos

She had lost his regard: 

And o’ercome by a presence 

More beauteously bright, 

He had own’d her undone, 

As the darkness by light. 



Not fair Helen of Greece

Nor all the whole train, 

Either of real beauties, 

Or those poets feign, 

Cou’d be match’d with my Katie

Whose every sweet charm, 

May conquer best judges, 

And coldest hearts warm. 



Neither riches or honour, 

Or any thing great, 

Do I ask of the Gods; 

But that this be my fate, 

That my Susie to all 

My kind wishes comply: 

For with her wou’d I live, 

And with her I wou’d die. 



If the fates give me Katie

And her I enjoy, 

I have all my desires; 

Nought can me annoy: 

For my charmer has every 

Delight in such store, 

She’ll make me more happy, 

Than swain e’er before. 

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