Jenny Nettles, p.194.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

SAW ye Jenny Nettles

Jenny Nettles, Jenny Nettles

Saw ye Jenny Nettles

Coming frae the market; 

Bag and baggage on her back, 

Her fee and bountith in her lap; 

Bag and baggage on her back, 

And a babie in her oxter. 


I met ayont the kairny, 

Jenny Nettles, Jenny Nettles

Singing till her bairny, 

Robin Rattles’s bastard; 

To flee the dool upo’ the stool, 

And ilka ane that mocks her, 

She round about seeks Robin out, 

To stap it in his oxter. 


Fy, fy! Robin Rattle

Robin Rattle, Robin Rattle

Fy, fy! Robin Rattle

Use Jenny Nettles kindly: 

Score out the blame, and shum the shame, 

And without mair debate o’t, 

Take hame your wain, make Jenny fain, 

The leel and Ieesome gate o’t. 

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