Song, pp.184-185.

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To its ain Tune. 


ALtho’ I be but a country lass, 

Yet a lofty mind I bear – O, 

And think my sell as good as those 

That rich apparel wear – O. 

Altho’ my gown be hame spun gray, 

My skin it is as saft – O, 

As them that satin weeds do wear, 

And carry their heads aloft – O. 


What tho’ I keep my father’s sheep? 

The thing that must be done – O, 

With garlands of the finest flowers, 

To shade me frae the sun – O. 

When they are feeding pleasantly, 

Where grass and flowers do spring – O, 

Then on a flowrie bank at noon, 

I set me down and sing – O. 


My Paisly piggy, cork’d with sage, 

Contains my drink but thin – O: 

No wines do e’er my brain enrage, 

Or tempt my mind to sin – O, 

My country curds, and wooden spoon, 

I think them unco fine – O, 

And on a flowry bank, at noon, 

I set me down and dine – O. 


Altho’ my parents cannot raise 

Great bags of shining gold – O. 

Like them whase daughters, now a days, 

Like swine are bought and sold – O; 

Yet my fair body it shall keep 

An honest heart within – O, 

And for twice fifty thousand crowns, 

I value not a prin – O. 


I use nae gums upon my hair, 

Nor chains about my neck – O, 

Nor shining rings upon my hands, 

My fingers straight to deck – O; 

But for that lad to me shall fa’, 

And I have grace to wed – O, 

I’ll keep a jewel worth them a’ 

I mean my maidenhead – O. 


If canny fortune give to me, 

The man I dearly love – O, 

Tho’ we want gear, I dinna care, 

My hands I can improve – O. 

Expecting for a blessing still, 

Descending from above – O, 

Then we’ll embrace and sweetly kiss, 

Repeating tales of love – O. 

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