Jeany, where hast thou been, p.211.

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O Jeany, Jeany, where has thou been? 

Father and mother are seeking of thee. 

Ye have been ranting, playing the wanton, 

Keeping of Jocky company. 

O Betty, I’ve been to hear the mill clack

Getting meal ground for the family

As fow as it gade I brang hame the sack

For the miller has taken nae mowter frae me


Ha! Jeany, Jeany, there’s meal on your back, 

The miller’s a wanton billy, and slee, 

Tho’ victual’s come hame again hale, what reck, 

I fear he has taken his mowter off thee. 

And Betty, ye spread your linnen to bleech

When that was done, where cou’d you be

Ha! lass I faw ye slip down the hedge

And wanton Willy was following thee


Ay Jeany, Jeany, ye gade to the kirk; 

But when it skail’d, where cou’d thou be? 

Ye came nae hame till it was mirk, 

They say the kissing clerk came w’ ye. 

O silly lassie, what will thou do? 

If thou grow great, they’ll heez thee hie. 

Look to your sell, if Jock prove true: 

The clerk frae creepies will keep me free

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