Sang XIII., p.224.

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Sung by Jenny and Roger, p. 47. 


WEre I assur’d you’ll constant prove, 

You should nae mair complain, 

The easy maid beset with love, 

Few words will quickly gain; 

For I must own, now since you’re free, 

This too fond heart of mine 

Has lang, a black-sole true to thee, 

Wish’d to be pair’d with thine. 



I’m happy now, ah! let my head 

Upon thy breast recline; 

The pleasure strikes me near-hand dead! 

Is Jenny then sae kind? – 

O let me briss thee to my heart! 

And round my arms entwine: 

Delytful thought; we’ll never part! 

Come press thy mouth to mine. 

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