Song II., pp.250-251.

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SEnd home my long stray’d eyes to me, 

Which ah! too long have dwelt on thee; 

But if from thee they’ve learn’d such ill, 

To sweetly smile, 

And then beguile, 

Keep the deceivers, keep them still. 


Send home my harmless heart again, 

Which no unworthy thought cou’d stain; 

But if it has been taught by thine, 

To forfeit both 

Its word and oath, 

Keep it, for then ‘tis none of mine. 


Yet send me home my heart and eyes, 

That I may see and know thy lies, 

And laugh one day perhaps when thou 

Shalt grieve for one 

Thy love will scorn, 

And prove as false as thou art now.

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