Song V., p.253.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

WHilst I gaze on Chloe trembling, 

Straight her eyes my fate declare; 

When she smiles I fear dissembling, 

When she frowns I then despair. 

Jealous of some rival lover, 

If a wandring look she give; 

Fain I would resolve to leave her, 

But can sooner cease to live. 


Why should I conceal my passion, 

Or the torments I endure? 

I will disclose my inclination: 

Awful distance yields no cure. 

Sure it is not in her nature, 

To be cruel to her slave; 

She is too divine a creature 

To destroy what she can save. 


Happy’s he whose inclination 

Warms but with a gentle heat: 

Never mounts to raging passion, 

Love’s a torment if two great. 

When the storm is once blown over, 

Soon the ocean quiet grows; 

But a constant faithful lover 

Seldom meets with true repose. 

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