Song XLI., pp.287-288.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

YOung Corydon and Phillis 

Sat in a lovely grove, 

Contriving crowns of lillies, 

Repeating tales of love, 

And something else, but what, I dare not name


But as they were a playing, 

She ogled so the swain, 

It sav’d her plainly saying, 

Let’s kiss to ease our pain, &c. 


A thousand times he kiss’d her, 

Upon the flowery green; 

But as he further prest her, 

A pretty leg was seen, &c. 


So many beauties viewing, 

His ardour still increas’d; 

And, greater joys pursuing, 

He wander’d o’er her breast, &c. 


A last effort the trying, 

His passion to withstand, 

Cry’d, (but ‘twas faintly crying) 

Pray take away your hand, &c. 


Young Corydon grown bolder, 

The minutes wou’d improve; 

This is the time, he told her, 

To shew how much I love, &c. 


The nymph seem’d almost dying, 

Dissolv’d in am’rous heat; 

She kiss’d, and told him sighing, 

My dear, your love is great, &c. 


But Phillis did recover, 

Much sooner than the swain; 

She blushing, ask’d her lover, 

Shall we not kiss again, &c. 


Thus love his revels keeping, 

Till nature at a stand, 

From talk they fell to sleeping, 

Holding each others hand, &c. 

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