Song XLVII., p.299.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

PRetty parrot, say, when I was away, 

And in dull absence past the day, 

What at home was doing? 

With chat and play 

We were gay

Night and day

Good chear and mirth renewing; 

Singing laughing all, like pretty pretty poll


Was no fop so rude, boldly to intrude, 

And like a saucy lover wou’d 

Court and teaze my lady? 

A thing you know

Made for show

Call’d a beau

Near her was always ready

Ever at her call, like pretty pretty poll


Tell me with what air, he approach’d the fair, 

And how she could with patience bear, 

All he did and utter’d? 

He still address’d

Still caress’d

Kiss’d, and press’d

Sung, pratl’d, laugh’d and flutter’d: 

Well receiv’d in all, like pretty pretty poll


Did he go away, at the close of day, 

Or did he ever use to stay, 

In a corner dodging? 

The want of light

When ‘twas night

Spoil’d my fight; 

But I believe his lodging 

Was within her call, like pretty pretty poll

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