The Second Part., pp.301-302.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

SEE, sirs, see here! a Doctor rare, 

Who travels much at home! 

Here take my bills, they cure all ills, 

Past, present, and to come; 

The cramp, the stich, the squirt, the itch, 

The gout, the stone, the pox, 

The mulligrubs, the wanton scrubs, 

And all Pandora’s box: 

Thousands I’ve dissected, 

Thousands new erected, 

And such cures effected, 

As none e’er can tell; 

Let the palsie shake ye, 

Let the cholick rack ye, 

Let the crinkums break ye, 

Let the murain take ye, 

Take this, take this and you well: 

Thousands, &c. 


Come wits so keen, devour’d with spleen, 

And beaux who’ve sprain’d your backs, 

Great-belly’d maids, old founder’d jades, 

And pepper’d vizard cracks; 

I soon remove the pains of love, 

And cure the amorous maid, 

The hot, the cold, the young, the old, 

The living and the dead; 

I clear the lass with wainscot-face, 

And from pim-ginets free 

Plump ladies red like Saracen’s head 

With toping ratasee. 

This, with a jirk, will do your work, 

And scour ye o’er and o’er; 

Read, judge, and try; and if you die, 

Never believe me more. 

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