Song LII., pp.304-305.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

IN this grove my Strephon walkt, 

Here he lov’d, and there he talkt; 

Here be lov’d, &c. 

In this place his loss I prove, 

A sad remembrance of our love. 

Oh! sad remembrance of our love. 


In this grove my Strephon stray’d, 

Here he smil’d and there betray’d; 

Here he smil’d, &c. 

Every whispering breeze can tell, 

How I, poor I believing, fell; 

Ah! by too soon believing, fell. 


By this stream my Strephon mov’d, 

Here he sung, and there he lov’d; 

Here he sung, &c. 

Every stream and every tree 

Cries out, perfidious cruel he, 

And helpless poor forsaken she. 


On this bank my Strephon lean’d, 

A lovely foe, but faithless friend; 

A lovely foe, &c. 

Ye verdant banks, each stream and grove, 

Once joyous Scenes, now dismal prove, 

Since Strephon’s false to me and love. 

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