Song LVIII., pp.310-311.

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DO not ask me, charming Phillis

Why I lead you hear alone, 

By this bank of pinks and lillies, 

And of roses newly blown. 


‘Tis not to behold the beauty, 

Of these flowers that crown the spring; 

‘Tis to — but I know my duty, 

And dare never name the thing. 


‘Tis at worst but her denying, 

Why shou’d I thus fearful be? 

Every minute gently flying, 

Smiles and says, make use of me. 


What the sun does to the roses, 

While the beams play sweetly in, 

I would — but my fear opposes, 

And I dare not name the thing. 


Yet I die if I conceal it; 

Ask my eyes, or ask your own, 

And if neither can reveal it, 

Think what lovers think alone. 


On this bank of pinks and lillies, 

Might I speak what I would do, 

I wou’d — with my lovely Phillis

I wou’d; I wou’d — Ah! wou’d you. 

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