Song LXIV, pp.316-317.

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AMongst the willows on the grass, 

Where nymphs and shepherds ly, 

Young Willy courted bony Bess; 

And Nell stood list’ning by; 

Says Will, we will not tarry 

Two months before we marry. 

No, no, fie no, never never tell me so, 

For a maid I’ll live and die: 

Says Nell so shall not I

Says Nell, &c. 


Long time betwixt hope and despair, 

And kisses mixt between, 

He with a song did charm her ear, 

Thinking she chang’d had been; 

Says Will, I want a blessing, 

Substantialer than kissing. 

No, no, fie no, never never tell me so, 

For I will never change my mind: 

Says Nell, she’ll prove more kind

Says Nell, &c. 


Smarting pain the virgin finds, 

Altho’ by nature taught, 

When she first to man inclines: 

Quoth Nell, I’ll venture that

Oh! who wou’d lose a treasure, 

For such a puney pleasure? 

Not I, not I, no, a maid I’ll live and die, 

And to my vow be true. 

Quoth Nell, the more fool you

Quoth Nell, &c. 


Το my closer I’ll repair, 

And read on Godly books, 

Forget vain love and worldly care 

Quoth Nell, that likely looks! 

You men are all perfidious, 

But I will be religious, 

Try all, fly all, and while I breath defy all, 

Your Sex I now despise. 

Says Nell, by Jove, she lies

Says Nell, &c. 

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