Song LXVII., pp.319-320.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

FRom grave lessons and restaint, 

I’m stole out to revel here; 

Yet I tremble and I faint, 

In the middle of the fair. 


Oh! would fortune in my way 

Throw a lover kind and gay; 

Now’s the time he soon might move 

A young heart unus’d to love. 


Shall I venture? no, no, no, 

Shall I from the danger go? 

Oh! no, no, no, no, no, 

I must not try, I cannot fly, 

I must not, durst not, cannot fly. 


Help me, nature; help me, art; 

Why should I deny my part? 

If a lover will pursue, 

Like the wisest let me do; 

I will fit him if he’s true, 

If he’s false I’ll fit him too. 

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