Song LXX., pp.322-323.

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YES I could love, if I could find 

A mistress fitted to my mind, 

Whom neither gold nor pride could move, 

To change her virtue or her love: 


Loves to go neat, not to go fine, 

Loves for my self, and not for mine; 

Not city proud, nor nice and coy, 

But full of love, and full of joy: 


Not childish young, nor beldame old, 

Not fiery hot, nor icy cold, 

Not gravely wise to rule the state, 

Not foolish to be pointed at: 


Not worldly rich, nor basely poor, 

Nor chast, nor a reputed whore: 

If such an one you can discover, 

Pray, sir, intitle me her lover. 

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