Song LXXIV., pp.328-329.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

Down among the dead Men


HEre’s a health to the king, and a lasting peace; 

May faction he damn’d, and discord cease: 

Come, let us drink it while we’ve breath, 

For there’s no drinking after death; 

And he that won’t with this comply, 

Down among the dead men

Down among the dead men

Down, down, down, down

Down among the dead men, let him ly


Now a health to the Queen, and may she long 

B’our first fair toast to grace our song; 

Off w’ your hats, w’ your knee on the ground, 

Take off your bumpers all around; 

And he that will not drink his dry, 

Down among, &c. let him ly


Let charming beauty’s health go round, 

In whom celestial joys are found; 

And may confusion still pursue 

The senseless woman-hating crew; 

And he that will this health deny, 

Down among, &c. let him ly


Here’s thriving to trade, and the common-weal, 

And patriots to their country leal; 

But who for bribes gives Satan his soul, 

May he ne’er laugh o’er a flowing bowl; 

And all that with such rogues comply, 

Down among, &c. let them ly


In smiling Bacchus’ joys I’ll roll, 

Deny no pleasure to my soul; 

Let Bacchus’ health round swiftly move, 

For Bacchus is a friend to love; 

And he that does this health deny, 

Down among, &c. let him ly

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