Song LXXVII., pp.330-331.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

SInce we die by the help of good wine, 

I will that a tun be my shrine; 

And engrave it on my tomb, 

Here lyes a body, once so brave, 

Who with drinking made his grave, 

Who with, &c. 

Since thus to die will purchase fame, 

And leave an everlasting name, 

Since thus to die, &c. 


Drink, drink away, drink, drink away, 

And let us be nobly interr’d, 

Drink, drink, &c. 

Let misers and slaves 

Pop into their graves, 

And rot in a dirty church-yard, 

And rot in a dirty church-yard, 

Let misers, &c. 

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