Song XCVII., p.346.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]


AWake, thou fairest thing in nature, 

How can you sleep when day does break? 

How can you sleep, my charming creature, 

When half a world for you are awake. 



What swain is this that sings so early, 

Under my window, by the dawn? 



‘Tis one, dear nymph, that loves you dearly, 

Therefore in pity case my pain. 



Softly, else you’ll ‘wake my mother, 

No tales of love she lets me hear; 

Go tell your passion to some other, 

Or whisper’t softly in my ear. 



How can you bid me love another, 

Or rob me of your beauteous charms? 

‘Tis time you were wean’d from your mother, 

You’re fitter for a lover’s arms. 

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