Song CIII., pp.349-350.

[Tea-Table Miscellany Contents]

Go, go, go, go fastest of thy sex begone

Leave, leave, ah leave, leave me to my self alone! 

Why would you strive by fond pretence, 

Thus to destroy my innocence? 

Go, go, &c. — leave, leave, &c. 


Young Celia, you too late betray’d, 

Then thus you did the nymph upbraid, 

“Love like a dream usher’d by night, 

“Flyes the approach of morning light. 

Go, go, &c. — leave, leave, &c. 


She that believes man when he swears, 

Or Ieast regards his oaths and prayers, 

May she, fond she, be most accurst; 

Nay more, be subject to his lust. 

Go, go, &c. — leave, leave, &c. 

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